Our Team’s Work
Our Team’s Work


Dr. Michele Carbone has been researching malignant mesothelioma, a type of cancer often associated with asbestos exposure, since the early 1990s.  His work with Turkish scientists in the villages of Cappadocia, Turkey, helped pave the way for his team’s discoveries about how environment and genetics affect the development of this deadly disease.

This presentation summarizes the work done in the last two years by the team that he and Dr. Haining Yang, MD, PhD run together from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center.  During the years we have had the good fortune to work closely with some of the best scientists in the US and abroad and many bright students and post docs: they contributed enormously to the success of our research.  Several US National granting agencies, non–profit organizations, and private donors, acknowledged in our papers, made our work possible.   Mostly we are in debt to the many patients and families struck by mesothelioma, that shared with us their clinical information, cells and tumors; they made the discoveries summarized in the presentation possible.

This presentation highlights recent articles and developments on the three main projects that our team studies:

  • BAP1
  • Environmental carcinogenesis
  • How asbestos causes mesothelioma

Within the presentation slides there are links to all of the articles our team has published during the years 2014-16.

View this presentation – Carbone and Yang Research Review 2014 – 2016