The Barry & Virginia Weinman Symposium

Barry and Virginia WeinmanIn 2010, Barry and Virginia Weinman created the Weinman Foundation Fund for Innovation, gifting the University of Hawaii Cancer Center with a $1.7M fund.  Through this generous gift, the annual Weinman Symposium was established.  The goal of the two-day conference is to bring international experts from different fields of science and medicine together to collaborate and brainstorm, about specific themes in cancer research. The setting of the beautiful University of Hawaii Cancer Center provides beautiful backdrop for the free exchange of ideas and information, with the goal of helping the scientists to establish new projects and connections.  

Every year, Drs. Carbone and Yang work together with scientific advisors to invite scientists who have been recognized for their excellence by the Nobel Prize, the National Academy of Science, and other prestigious organizations that honor the achievements of men and women creating to the advancement of the best medical technologies. Virginia and Barry Weinman give them a financial award, but more importantly, they bring the scientists to the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, where they meet with local scientists, physicians, and members of the public. 

This year's recipient of the Weinman Award is Dr. Phil Sharp, who shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Richard J. Roberts for their discovery of split genes.  Along with Dr. Sharp, the Weinman Symposium honored Dr. Bruce Beutler, Dr. Carol Prives, Dr. Carlo Croce, and other prominent scientists who have helped improve the lives of countless patients.  The theme of the 9th Annual Weinman Symposium was genes, metabolism and cancer, and it was hosted in Honolulu, HI from November 30th through December 1st, 2017.

Michele Carbone cooking with Nobel Prize Laureates


Michele Carbone cooking for Carlo Croce, Harvey   Pass, Bruce Beutler (Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine 2011), .Anne and Phil Sharp (Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine 1993),  and Wei Jia. 











Weinman Award Past Recipients 

Phillip Allen Sharp, 1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine for gene splicing.  


Randy W Schekman, PhD , 2013 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine University of California, Berkeley 

Mary-Claire King, PhD, who discovered the BRCA gene, from The University of Washington Seattle, Washington 

Jules A. Hoffmann, PhD,  2011 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, from the University of Strasbourg 

Bruce A. Beutler, MD, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, from UT Southwestern Medical Center 

Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, 2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, from the University of California, San Francisco 


Waun Ki Hong, MD, from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Carlo M. Croce, MD, from The Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital 


Baruch Blumberg, MD, PhD 1976 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine from Fox Chase Cancer Center 


Harald zur Hausen 2008 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine from the German Cancer Research Center


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