Cooking is my favority hobby

Why write a recipe when you can get thousands of them from the internet or from the too many magazines and books that advertise "wonderful and delicious” recipes?

Because it has been my experience that by far, most of the recipes you read are wrong! Especially those on the internet!  Many are written by people who have never cooked them: it’s obvious, just try and see! Or sometimes they write them correctly, but by the time they get in print, some editor has "edited" them and they no longer work.

And then there are the details, those little things that make the difference,  and which rarely you find in a recipe.

For example, when you make a spaghetti all matriciana do you cook the guanciale or pancetta (makes no difference as long as it is of excellent quality) on low heat to let the fat to be released, or do you fry them on high heat to have them crispy?

Recipes you find online won’t tell you the answer to that question.  But that small detail makes the difference between a good and a so-so matriciana.  This is the kind of thing I cover on my food blog.

Then the same recipe is presented in many different ways in various cookbooks and and on the Internet: a spaghetti all carbonara with 3 whole eggs for 1 box of spaghetti, or 3 yolks. Which recipe  is right? And/Or, a carbonara with pecorino cheese (known as Romano cheese in US) or a carbonara with parmigiano -not to mention the recipes that suggest you add chicken to the carbonara!. And obviously some poor soul did not know what to do and writes a recipe with half pecorino and half parmigiano!

You see, it’s a mess. You cannot trust the Internet, nor the cooking books and magazines.

So when you see my recipe, it means I cooked it at least 100 times, and probably 1000. No joke. I learned them different ways: sometimes I ate something good at a restaurant, walked into the kitchen and asked the Chef “How did you make it?”   Sometimes I developed something from scratch, sometimes I learned from a cook book, sometimes I modified something and it came out better. Sometimes I tried to copy something I ate and loved and the Chef did not want to give me the recipe—for example, the Carbonara I ate at least a hundred times at the restaurant "Al Moro’ near Fontana di Trevi in Rome, where is called "Spaghetti al Moro.” It’s the best Carbonara in my opinion. I tried different things, every night I try something, and eventually what I give you is what "I think" is the best.

I cook for passion, not for money-although I fundraised millions of dollars around my kitchen table!.

The phrase "I think" is critical here. Taste is taste -i gusti so' gusti- so what I like, you may not like.

In general what I put out on my website is something that most of those who tried, loved it. I hope you enjoy the recipes I post there.  I’ll add a few of my favorites every month.

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